At the end of the last production which you can see here the entire cast fly off in a Zeppelin. The new movie begins at dawn and the zeppelin is in the clouds over the sea. Pilot Franz then says ‘good morning everyone. Now I need some directions before I can set course for home. Where is your home”? Everyone talks at once – a jumble of place name. Pilot Franz says “quiet please, I had no idea you were from so many places. How can I take you all home. Who’s home is nearest”. It then transpires that people are not only from many places but many times – which leads to the section below featuring Tomasz Czpaitis from Lithuania.

This production will be an occasional soap, meaning that we will release episodes sporadically on a loose timescale. Below is the full version of the theme tune.

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  1. The script and prolog sound good Straad “T” looking forward to doing my little bit.
    Fatty (Pete) Smith

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