Tommy and Barry go Back (Click to Enlarge)

Production on this movie should start soon.

Barry Hunt Suggested that the two white lightning troupers could have slunk aboard and have become unwitting stowaways to the past. This gives scope to some story lines and a reason for Inspector Bell to travel back and save Tommy and Barry. Slight complication is the voice artists for these characters reside in Finland and Lithuania respectively but I have some ideas on how to get around that.

I’m meeting with Skinningrove history group soon to discuss story-lines. One piece came up in an oral history session. Fatty Smith was in the home guard stood during WW2 and stood armed at the end of the Jetty. Four sheets to the wind, he bravely protected the community from possible German invaders whilst in danger of himself toppling over into the sea. John Lawson added the story that apparently a sergeant arrived on the scene to complain that the Skinningrove Home Guard were shooting at British planes! – That’s the kind of stuff that makes history fun.  View all posts on this project.

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