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This is from Tommy & Barry Go Back  produced of a couple of years ago. I only just got round to rendering this video. It is a screen grab of my colleague Paul Li (a highly skilled SL builder) building Skinningrove School. We had the original plans to work from. The footage he gave me lasted several hours. At the end I’ve added a little bit from the actual scene where pilot Franz flies overhead. I build the rest of the set myself and strangely when I finally visited the garden behind the school looking over the beck I felt a familiarity with it as I had already visited there several times in the virtual world.


The Zeppelin pulls up at a group of floating islands. We need to script a new scene.


Installed a bar in the Zeppelin. For teetotalers there is also a coke vending machine. 


The set pictured below is for the scene where a stowaway is discovered. Not only is it the cargo hold, but as the passengers are an acting troupe I’d like it to also have all the thespian flotsam such as a clothes rack and costumes. If you have any props and would like to contribute please drop on my props master Straad Constantine. There’s already some movie references in there such as the Tardis from “The Force is With You” and the Chilean Rescue Pod from “Tommy and Barry Go Back”

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This picture is of Pilot Franz’s retirement apartment. It has developed a little since making the footage in the earlier posting. It still needs more props such as a coffee table (not too modern) and books and paraphernalia. Perhaps a tea pot and cups. If you have any props and would like to contribute please drop on my props master Straad Constantine.

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Some of the audio for this new movie  has been in the can for almost a year now. I was moved to make a start at pulling it all together as a result of presenting at a games conference at De Montfort University.

The following media items map out some of the. N.B. they are not actual movie scenes, just some stills and audio that set the story. Most moving footage will also be reshot. Many of the voice characters are recorded and where not I am reading in the part myself.

Now here are some audio sections set at the Secret Museum but not used in the preview. Some or all of this will end up in the movie




The rapping on the door is Mike Findley SuperMayor. He is incensed that the Zeppelin took off without a properly lodged flight plan caught him up in the rudder whilst he was taking his evening flight over Skinningrove Jetty


After workshops in Vienna we have adopted a new beginning to the movie The Greatest Adventure.

Franz Nahrada who plays Herr Pilot Franz suggested that the old and retired Franz Flieger could set the story in motion by reminiscing about the Great Adventure of the old days. And so we begin with an intrepid young explorer walking the streets of Vienna in search of the Secret Museum which is the rumoured last known place that the old Pilot was seen. He meets two custodians of the Secret Museum who eventually take him up a winding staircase to the retirement apartment of Pilot Franz where we hear the story of the Greatest Adventure.

The two scenes 1 The Secret Museum and 2 The Retirement Apartment are almost ready to shoot. The voice parts a recorded and  the set is almost built (see pictures below) Details of the production of these scenes here.

Vocal Recording in the Secret Museum by STMedia


Well, it finally came down. The set that was built over three years ago and featured in the last two movies has been swept aside for a new production. I took a few pics before removing stuff and you can see the Timms Coffee House bult by Paul Li and the Mine built by Kate Miranda. Other inconsequential bits by me. Click here to see how it looks now


At the end of the last production which you can see here the entire cast fly off in a Zeppelin. The new movie begins at dawn and the zeppelin is in the clouds over the sea. Pilot Franz then says ‘good morning everyone. Now I need some directions before I can set course for home. Where is your home”? Everyone talks at once – a jumble of place name. Pilot Franz says “quiet please, I had no idea you were from so many places. How can I take you all home. Who’s home is nearest”. It then transpires that people are not only from many places but many times – which leads to the section below featuring Tomasz Czpaitis from Lithuania.

This production will be an occasional soap, meaning that we will release episodes sporadically on a loose timescale. Below is the full version of the theme tune.




Picture by Mikko Lipiainen

The collaborative community animations event in Saltburn last Thursday, (Animex Saltburn), was a resounding success. The matinee for schools was standing room only and the evening event presided over by the mayor of Redcar & Cleveland, Councillor Ray Goddard was close to capacity too.

Building up to the event a visiting arts group from Finland had provided workshops in Saltburn, Carling How & County Durham and then on the evening presented their own animated film. The Finnish visitors had participated in the filming of one of the Teesside films and had met many of the cast in second life but now were able to meet them in real life.

The event was web streamed and picked up by people across the UK and Europe, and you can watch all of the films presented and see images from the event at

There was a fourth visitor from Finland namely a coat who sadly did not make it home with his compatriots. You can read about the adventures of the Finnish coat by clicking here.

Steve Thompson, IDI

If you can’t make it to the event in Saltburn today  (Thurs 3rd March) you should still me able to enjoy it online. I say “should” because this is experimental. At there is a tweetstream with the hashtag #tvcmanim11 – a chat stream, a live stream and a “blogcast” releasing each film at the same time as the audience sees it.


Today Destinations opened specially in order that we could shoot a crown scene for the new SL movie. Sunday was chosen because of the time zones involved. This was the scene where Inspector Bell leads the children to safety in the mine in order to shelter from a Zeppelin. It was quite an International cast. The street urchins are played by role players from the UK, Canada and the USA, the miners were played by people from Finland and the rest of the cast was played by members of the Community Media Club (see previous posts). Just like the real thing being on a virtual film set also contains moments of hanging around and waiting. Peter and Joan occupied themselves by taking picture of the set (see below)


Members of the Community Media Club in Saltburn have been hard at work in the Destinations Media suite shooting and editing scenes for the virtual animated movie “Tommy and Barry Go Back”

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Steven Thompsonberg and his crack team of machinima artists shooting a scene from the forthcoming production “Tommy and Barry Go Back”. This is the scene where they travel back to 1941 to find Fatty Smith guarding the British nation against invasion whilst four sheets to the wind. All this effort goes to produce a simple shot of two characters looking surprised.


Production has begun again after the Christmas break on “Tommy and Barry Go Back”. We lost a lot of production days before Chistmas to weather condition and ill health so we have postponed the world premiere to March 3rd. It’s the same venue, Saltburn Community Theatre at 7.30pm. We moved our production location to Destintations in Saltburn as a more convenient location. Yesterday we got some very trick shots in the can including Zeppelin flying and Chilean rescue pod manouvering!

Next production day is Friday 21st (Destinations Again) when we hope to finish the 1945 Jetty scene. Below are some stills from scene 6.

Smith and Bluster

Tommy and Barry in 1945

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